While growing up in Cleveland, food took center stage at every family event. We would congregate in the kitchen for everything from the smallest of gatherings to the largest of celebrations; and I was lucky to be introduced to a variety of cuisines including foods rich in Italian and Southern influences. I’m positive I could survive on a diet of salty olives, sharp cheeses, buttery biscuits and any fruit flavored cobbler.

As a child, our kitchen was my restaurant, complete with hand drawn menus made of construction paper and crayon. My design of the menu was equally as important as the simple foods being served, so I don’t think it surprised anyone that I chose to study a creative field during my collegiate days at Ohio University.

Shortly after graduation, I moved to Chicago to pursue a design career and after a few years in the Windy City, a magnetic draw brought me back to Ohio and further invigorated my overt curiosity of food. I love traveling to new places, and take great pleasure in discovering local foods around every turn. Join me as I reconnect you to your food: one destination, one ingredient, and one recipe at a time.