Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake…and Drink Beer!

Eight Cakes a Week & Elevator Brewing Company

Even though my sister and I were born 19 months apart, as children we were often mistaken for twins. Regardless of our physical likeness, but we still had our share of differences and disagreements, especially as teenagers. Being younger, I naturally wanted to tag along on her every adventure, and it more than exasperated her when our parents often gave in to my pleas to be included in my big sister’s plans. Despite the sibling rivalry that existed, there has always been an underlining bond between us, something special that is shared by sisters who grew up with lives intertwined so closely together. Recently, I was introduced to sisters that not only mirror the connection my sister and I share, but who also decided to turn their love of baking, local ingredients, and family traditions into a business they could build together.

I caught up with Olivia and Lindsay Timperman at Elevator’s 13th Floor Taproom & Brewery to learn how this locally made brew has played a role in helping shape their company - Eight Cakes a Week. After a tour of the brewery, we sat down and the Timperman sisters told me their story. The duo grew up with nine other siblings, but despite their large number of brothers and sisters the two were always close. About two years ago, they decided to bid farewell to their day jobs and start a home-based bakery using quality, local, non-GMO ingredients. Besides coming up with a clever name, the ladies chose to differentiate their baked goods by incorporating beer from their stepfather’s company Elevator Brewing…can you say genius? The pair took advantage of their connection with the brewery and introduced their sweets at the Elevator restaurant space off of High Street. It wasn’t long before the orders started rolling in, but they haven’t forgotten their humble beginnings as the restaurant’s “feature dessert” and the precedent their stepfather set for building a business in Columbus.

As mentioned, a few of their key ingredients come from Elevator Brewing Company which was started in 1999 by father and son team Dick and Ryan Stevens. Their operation grew out of an old grain elevator in Marysville that was part restaurant (run by a separate father/son team) and part brewery until they decided to move downtown and open a restaurant of their own. In March of 2000, Elevator Brewery and Draught Haus opened their doors, and although neither father nor son had brewing or restaurant experience they followed their gut and went all-in. Sadly, in 2003 the unexpected loss of his son left Dick with the difficult decision of whether to close up shop or keep moving forward. Dick chose to build upon the foundation laid by him and his son, and today, at the age of 76, he is still very much an active part of the business; conducting tours, marketing, and putting his own creative spin on their branding. When I inquired as to Dick’s favorite beer his lighthearted response was “the one in my hand” and that sentiment also carries over when choosing his favorite of Olivia and Lindsay’s confections.

When the menu includes a “Dirty Dick’s Nut Brown” Beer & Pretzel Cake and a “Heiferweizen" Cake, made with - you guessed it, Elevator’s nut brown and heiferweizen brews, it’s easy to see how picking a favorite could pose a challenge. Offerings also include Bourbon Roasted Peach and Brown Butter Raspberry cakes as well as a variety of cupcakes and cookies. Gluten allergy? Don’t worry, you can still have your cake and eat it too by ordering off of the completely gluten-free, corn-free menu. If that wasn’t enough, I have to mention that Olivia and Lindsay make everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, from scratch; caramel, toffee, and yes, sprinkles too! You can find Eight Cakes a Week at The Hills Market downtown, Growl in Clintonville, order off their website, and in the near future visit them in their new brick and mortar space. If you want a brew to wash down your dessert, Elevator’s 13th Floor Taproom is open every Saturday from 12 pm – 8 pm, with tours being conducted every 3rd Saturday at 4 pm. Listening to Dick, it is evident that he is extremely proud of his stepdaughters, and I have to agree that they are building a business facing a very delicious future.

Seasonal Beer

The Elevator Brewing Company seasonal winter beer (pictured left) traveled 0 miles to Columbus, while the beer (pictured right) traveled over 2,570 miles to Columbus.

Chocolate Espresso Caramel

Recipe by Eight Cakes a Week. They recommend using Elevator’s Dirty Dick’s Nut Brown Ale, Procrastinator Dopplebock, their seasonal Winter Warmer or experiment with one of your favorite flavors.

Click on the recipe cards to print your copy:


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