Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Recipe: Spicy Spiked Cider

This post is another in the “One Recipe” series in which, in between destination visits, I am sharing recipes featuring previous Local Choice ingredients.

Fall is an extraordinary time of year in Ohio; the foliage turns to stunning hues of yellow, orange, and red and the fall harvest brings a cornucopia of squash, pumpkins, dark greens, apples, and indulgent flavors that reflect the season. As a crisp chill starts to be felt in the air, shake things up with this sweet and spicy cocktail that, regardless of your preference to serve over ice or hot with a cinnamon stick, will treat you to a pleasant warmth on its way down.

This recipe combines Middle West Spirits OYO Whiskey with spicy Brothers Drake Hot Shot Mead and sweet apple cider.

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Mary said...

Hello Nicole, I stumbled on your blog accidentally (via Food52), and I am so happy I did! Your blog is very interesting and I am certainly going to come back often! When I read Ohio, I got very enthusiastic...I have been happily living in Italy for a long time now, but I grew up in one of Cleveland's suburbs and a big part of my heart is still there! Oh how I remember autumn in Ohio...what comforting, warm colors...Your spicy cider must be fantastic...absolutely perfect for these autumn evenings! Cheers, Mary

A Local Choice said...

Mary...so happy you found my blog and that the stories and recipes are bringing back good memories of your time in Ohio. Ciao!

Sally Harris said...

Hi Nicole!

My family and I are moving to Columbus and I am really into eating clean and healthy. I try to only buy organic or from farm stands, so through searching online for farmer’s markets and farm stands in Columbus, I came across your blog.

I really love that you use fresh, local ingredients in your dishes AND that you share the recipe and where to go to get fresh, local produce, like in your blog with the Grape Kuchen recipe. October’s blog on Spicy Spiked Cider sounds and looks amazing and I like that you catered the recipe towards the season.

I would like to see more posts, I was going through them all and noticed that there are not that many and I would love more information on where to go to get fresh produce around Columbus and the surrounding vicinity, especially more posts on recipes that correspond to the seasons. Since it is November it would be cool if you had a post about where to go to get all locally grown and fresh ingredients for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I look forward to reading more and visiting these farms for grocery shopping once I finally move to Columbus.

Sally 

A Local Choice said...

Sally....very happy you stumbled upon my blog and that you are using it as a resource to help you discover local food in Columbus. If you click on Destinations on the right side you will find a list of all the places I have traveled to and wrote a blog post about. My day job only allows me to do one a month, but it's adding up! Stay tuned and follow me on social media to keep up with my latest posts.

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