Monday, May 5, 2014

One Recipe: Bourbon Chocolate Whipped Cream

This post is another in the “One Recipe” series in which, in between destination visits, I am sharing recipes featuring previous Local Choice ingredients.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you haven’t had time to shop for the perfect gift don’t panic, I have you covered! For this recipe, I put together some of my favorite local ingredients to create a rich and uncomplicated dessert that is hard to resist. Did I mention it includes chocolate?

Making homemade whipped cream is effortless and definitely worth it. This recipe combines rich finaChocolate with creamy Snowville Creamery whipping cream and a hint of Middle West Spirits OYO Bourbon. The end result is chocolaty, fluffy, and sweet; a perfect addition to any sundae, parfait, or pie. I prefer to keep it simple and pair the fresh whipped cream with seasonal strawberries.

It may seem like picking up a container of already processed whipped cream is less work, but believe me it takes just as much effort and doesn’t even compare to the homemade stuff. To quote Anthony Bourdain “Don’t even think about buying Cool Whip or Reddi Whip. I’ll know. And I’ll find you”.

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