Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Recipe: Maple-Kissed Sweet Potatoes & Eggs

This post is another in the “One Recipe” series in which, in between destination visits, I am sharing recipes featuring previous Local Choice ingredients.

Just the thought of foods that combine salty and sweet flavors gets my mouth watering. French fries dipped into milkshakes - yes please. Pears topped with melted pecorino - don’t mind if I do. Cheese and caramel popcorn tossed together to create one tasty mix - absolutely! Breakfast is a perfect way to satisfy this type of craving. You may choose to dunk your sausage into pancake syrup or prefer trendier concoctions like bacon donuts. I decided to take some of my go-to breakfast items (eggs, potatoes, and toast) and rework the flavors to create this salty and sweet combo to start your day.

This recipe combines sweet Sticky Pete’s Pure Maple Syrup with hardy Dangling Carrot Farm sweet potatoes and Bird’s Haven Farm fresh eggs. Bonus: If you are lucky enough to have leftover potatoes just mash them with a little cream and butter to make a whole new side dish.

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