Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Recipe: Blueberry & Pistachio Holiday Bark

This post is another in the “One Recipe” series in which, in between destination visits, I am sharing recipes featuring previous Local Choice ingredients.

The holidays are a time for baking, eating, and indulging in foods you normally limit or avoid during the rest of the calendar year. If you are going to treat yourself, what you choose to consume before the new year should be calorie worthy. For me, these foods include, but are not limited to, cookies and candies made from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible. My family recipes always prove to be delicious, but each year I like to mix things up by throwing in at least one new recipe such as this delicious chocolatey holiday bark.

This recipe combines 70% fincaChocolate layered with white fincaChocolate and sprinkled with dried Blueberry Patch blueberries, pistachios, and a bit of vintage merlot sea salt I picked up at Celebrate Local.

Click on the recipe card to print your copy:


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